Marketing Regions - Investment Attraction Marketing

Municipalities and regions want to market their competitive advantages and identify investment opportunities to businesses who may expand local operations or to businesses that may want to locate in the region. Investment Attraction Marketing for a municipality or region bears all the hallmarks of marketing any product or service with some unique and challenging aspects.

Our approach:

Investment Attraction Marketing:
We begin by developing a solid understanding of the region's key economic drivers/industries and how the region's strategic strengths can be leveraged into competitive advantages for businesses in certain sectors. This analysis coupled with understanding best practices in investment attraction marketing, and the complex investor decision making process, allowed us to recommend a set of unique tactics. Our detailed marketing plan outlines a schedule, budget, responsibilities, and other critical success factors for implementation. We also wrote and coordinated the production of high quality marketing materials.

Identification of Investment Opportunities:
Municipalities and regions want to identify investment opportunities to promote to potential investors. We identify opportunities by completing a market gap analysis and conducting interviews with industry experts. We expose each potential opportunity to our evaluation model driven by community capacity and market opportunity. Next we research the opportunities, industries, markets, regulatory process and prepare a compelling business case.